K-Project Process Analytical Chemistry (PAC)

The K-project “Process Analytical Chemistry – Data Acquisition and Data-processing” (PAC) bundles industrial and academic research expertise in Process Analytics in an excellent way. The consortium of the K-project PAC intends to develop and implement technologies which allow for a direct and remote acquisition of chemical information on continuous and batch processes which are currently run at the production sites of the industrial partners.


Facts and Figures:

4 years (01.09.2010 - 31.08.2014)                           


Funding program:   
COMET - Competence Centers for Excelent Technologies (administered by FFG)
Sponsors: Governments of Austria (BMWFW, BMVIT); Federal State of Upper Austria
Project partners: 10 Company partners; 7 Scientific partners
Consortium leader:    
Project structure: 6 sub-projects


The European chemical industry is the world leader in its field. 8 out of the 15 largest chemical companies are EU based. Furthermore 29 % of the worldwide chemical sales originate from the EU. These industries face future challenges such as rising costs and scarcity of raw materials, an increase in the price of energy, and intensified competition from Asian countries.
Process Analytical Chemistry represents one of the most significant developments in chemical and process engineering over the past decades. Chemical information is of increasing importance in today's chemical industry. It is required for efficient process development, scale-up and production. It is used to assure product quality and compliance with regulations that govern chemical production processes.
If reliable analytical information on the chemical process under investigation is available, adjustments and actions can be undertaken immediately in order to assure maximum yield and product quality while minimizing energy consumption and waste production. As a consequence, chemical information has a direct impact on the productivity and thus competitiveness, and on the environmental issues of the respective industries.


  • Development and integration of novel detection principles for the measurement of data representing the chemical properties of the involved substances. The acquisition is performed directly from the running batch and continuous processes (Data Acquisition).
  • Development and application of novel approaches for turning the measured data into valid information on the ongoing chemical processes (Data Processing).


The PAC-consortium has set itself the goal to gain valid chemical information directly from the process streams in real-time. This information shall be used to open new optimisation potentials for chemical processes.
By applying novel scientific and technological approaches the K-Project “Process Analytical Chemistry – Data Acquisition and Data Processing” will address the following questions:

  • Which chemical information is necessary to optimise the process?
  • Which measurement principle has the potential to deliver valid data?
  • How can these data be turned into useful information for process-optimisation?


The results and benefits of the K-project PAC are represented in "Success Stories".

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