Research Initiative PAC

Research Initiative "PAC"

PAC (Process Analytical Chemistry) is an Austrian industrial research initiative for process analysis. This network bundles industrial and academic research expertise in Process Analytics in an excellent way.

Within the research initiative PAC projects in the field of Process Analytics are developed:

K-Project PSSP (2018 - 2022)
K-Center CHASE (started in 2019)
K-Center FFoQSI (started in 2017)
NTP SusChem-AT (started in 2016)
K-Project imPACts (2014 - 2018)
K-Project PAC (2010 - 2014)


Das 15. Herbstkolloquium Prozessanalytik findet von 25. bis 27. November 2019 in Marl statt. Das Kolloquium steht unter dem Themenschwerpunkt "PAT in der industriellen Anwendung - Innovative Prozessanalytik als zentrales Element im Produktlebenszyklus".

Das K-Zentrum FFoQSI veranstaltet am Donnerstag, 19.09. das Mini-Symposium "Qualität & Authentizität" in Linz.

Neue analytische Strategien zur Prüfung der Authentizität und Qualität von Lebensmitteln werden bei dem Symposium vorgestellt.

Stefan Grünberger from the JKU Institute of Applied Physics received a poster award at the 20th conference on "Solid State Analysis" (FKA 2019; 01.-03.07.2019 in Vienna). He was awarded with the 2nd rank for his poster "Chemical imaging and analysis of metals by optical emission spectroscopy methods LIBS and LA-SD-OES".

Holzer Robert, Dipl.-Ing. -

Holzer Robert, Dipl.-Ing.
Contact Point, RECENDT GmbH

Brandstetter Markus, Dr. -

Brandstetter Markus, Dr.
Scientific Contact, RECENDT GmbH


PAC is also committed to inspire more young people and especially more women to work in science and research.

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