K-Center FFoQSI

K-Center FFoQSI

K-Center Feed and Food Quality Safety and Innovation

In the K-Center "Feed and Food Quality Safety and Innovation" (FFoQSI) scientific and strategic innovations are developed to make food and food production better, safer and more sustainable.

Facts and Figures

  • Funding program: COMET (administered by FFG)
  • Sponsors: Governments of Austria (BMDW, BMVIT); Federal State of Vienna, Upper Austria & Lower Austria
  • Project structure: 3 Areas
  • Project website: www.ffoqsi.at

Project partners

In the Competence Center FFoQSI more than 30 companies from several countries and positions along the feed-food value chain work together with six research partners.

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Project structure

The Research Programme of the competence center FFoQSI is divided in three Areas:

  • Area 1 -The green value chain:
    Development of scientific innovations for plant derived feed and food
  • Area 2 - The red value chain:
    Development of scientific innovations for animal derived food
  • Area 3 - Blue sky innovations:
    Strategic research innovation platform for development of advanced technologies

The strategic research is focused on basic research and - based on the results - development of advanced and universally applicable technologies for improved and quicker controls of hygiene, quality and authenticity along the value chains of plant- and amnimal derived feed and food of areas 1 and 2.