1st PSSP Virtual Wave Workshop

Today we were very happy to host the first PSSP-workshop on the topic VWC – the "Virtual Wave Concept". It was jointly organized by the FH OÖ (Campus Wels - Josef Ressel Center for Thermographic Non-Destructive Testing of Composite Materials, Dr. Günther Mayr) and RECENDT (Dr. Peter Burgholzer).

As part of the virtual wave workshop, 7 short lectures were intensively discussed by 21 international participants. Due to the enthusiasm for this first opportunity for such an exchange in a larger round, the planned duration was quickly exceeded by more than one hour. With the participation of external experts from different areas of the "signal processing" community, the opportunity was taken to discuss in detail current research topics from the field of "photothermal reconstruction" and to identify new joint research activities.

It was a successful start of an initiative, which we will certainly continue!

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