SusChem launches Innovation and Research Agenda SIRA

Today, the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry (SusChem) launches its new Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda (SIRA) at the SusChem Stakeholders 2019 event “Sustainable Chemistry to solve global challenges: the new SusChem Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda”.

The new SusChem SIRA focuses on technology priorities towards 2030, across Advanced Materials, Advanced Processes as well as the implementation and co-development of Enabling Digital Technologies. Horizontal topics are equally addressed, including sustainability assessment innovation, safe-by-design for chemicals and materials, as well as building on education and skills capacity in Europe. In chapter 4.2 you find a dedicated section on Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) – the achievements from imPACts being mentioned in the “impact examples” on page 136!

PAC and the Austrian Technology Platform SusChem-AT are happy to present you the new Strategic Innovation and Research Agenda published today: click HERE to go to the SusChem-website or click HERE to download the SIRA document directly!


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