Poster Award for Stefan Grünberger (IAP)

Stefan Grünberger from the JKU Institute of Applied Physics received a poster award at the 20th conference on "Solid State Analysis" (FKA 2019; 01.-03.07.2019 in Vienna). He was awarded with the 2nd rank for his poster "Chemical imaging and analysis of metals by optical emission spectroscopy methods LIBS and LA-SD-OES".

On the poster, he reported on the research and development of laser-based techniques for the chemical imaging of metal surfaces such as steel and aluminum and of various coatings of metals. The LIBS (Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy) and LA-SD-OES (Laser ablation-spark discharge-optical emission spectroscopy) techniques are especially interesting as they enable to perform spatially resolved chemical analysis of surfaces in air to obtain “chemical images” of the sample. 

Co-authors of the poster are Simon Eschlböck-Fuchs, Josef Hofstadler, Andreas Pissenberger, Hubert Duchaczek (voestalpine Stahl GmbH, Linz), and Johannes D. Pedarnig (JKU Linz).

This research is part of the FFG K project PSSP and is conducted at the JKU Institute of Applied Physics in co-operation with the industrial project partner voestalpine Stahl GmbH.

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